Scout House is closed to all activities, including Scouting and non-Scouting bookings, until further notice.

The Grand River Area Scout House is located at 844 Frederick St., Kitchener. It is available to Scouting Groups and for use by non-profit organizations. There are various meeting rooms and a large meeting hall.


Bookings can be made on-line here. Fees are established on the basis of size of group, equipment needed and length of use.


Name Description ½ Day
Day Rate Weekend Rate
Mackenzie King 30' X 30' room on 2nd Floor. Has white board, television, cd player, table & chairs to accommodate 50 people. $60 $110 $150
Library 15' X 20' room on 2nd Floor. Can be set up in boardroom style or theatre style…accommodate 12 people. $50 $95 $125
Upper Room 12' X 25' room on 3rd Floor with window. Can accommodate 10 people. $25 $40 $50
Room A 12' X 20' room on 1st Floor. Setup is board room style. Can accommodate 10 people. $20 $40 $50
Room B NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE. (12' X 12' room on 1st Floor, Can accommodate 6 people.) $15 $25 $30


  • Fees for use of rented facilities will be waived for Scouting youth program activities.
  • A deposit is required at time facility is booked. The deposit amount is the lesser of ½ the rental rate or $25.
  • The balance of the rental fee is due either at the time the facility key is picked up or, when a key is not required, on the day prior to use.
  • There will be no cancellation fee for bookings cancelled more than 6 weeks before the beginning of the period booked.
  • If a booking is cancelled less than 6 weeks prior to the beginning of the rental period a cancellation fee equal to the deposit will be assessed.
  • If a booking is cancelled less than 6 days prior to the beginning of the rental period the whole fee will be due and payable subject to rebate if the room can be re-rented.
  • Special use of the facility, for example, week long use of a room is subject to an agreed upon rate.
  • Waiving or partial waiving of fees, for example for a visit by Her Majesty The Queen may be negotiated with the Grand River Area Scouthouse Support Committee.