Grand River Camping Facilities

Grand River Camping Facilities includes the following camps:




Camp Everton


Camp Everton
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map with pictures of Camp Everton


Camp Everton

Camp Everton is filled with breath-taking scenery, cedar and mixed bush, small limestone caves and majestic cliffs. There are large open fields, dense bush, and a swamp. The beautiful Eramosa River flows through the 185 acres comprising the Camp. The camp has two formal campfire circles and an open air chapel.


The North Waterloo Camp Committee has a policy that firewood should not be brought to camp due to the possibility of transfer of local infections to the Everton Forest that might infect our Camp and the adjoining Conservation Authority woodlands and the County Agreement Forest. Firewood must not be brought to Camp Everton under any circumstances from the region of Greater Toronto or from Tri-Shores region. Firewood from those regions may be infested with Emerald Ash borers or Asian longhorn beetles.

Firewood is available at Camp Everton for $20 per load.


The camp has numerous camping sites, a large barn with full facilities and 6 cabins of varying capacities and facilities. Follow this link for details about each cabin.


The camp has 11 adirondacks and more are being built - often paired with an existing adirondack. Follow this link for details about each adirondack.


The camp may be used year round for Scouting events. Scouters are welcome to drop by any weekend. Our Campmaster or Camp Ranger will be glad to assist you. Here is an aerial view and a Google satellite view of Camp Everton.

Camp Everton is about 35 minutes from K-W, just off Wellington Road 124 (formerly highway 24), north-east of Guelph.


Location: 7th Line of Eramosa Township - Emergency Locator Number 5286
Mailing Address: RR #4, Rockwood, Ontario, N0B 2K0
Camp Phone: (519) 856-0651
GPS Coordinates: 43°39'20.84" N by 80°08'56.49" W

Book Camp Everton

Camp Mohawk and Camp Everton are closed to all activities, including Scouting and non-Scouting bookings, until further notice.

Book Camp Everton using the On-line Booking System (select "Everton Scout Camp" in the "Select a camp" dropdown list).

Maps of Camp Everton

Here is a map of Camp Everton suitable for printing.

Here is a Google Earth map that includes all of the buildings / features of the camp.

Directions and Map to Camp Everton

Here are text directions to Camp Everton. Here is a map to Camp Everton.

Camp Everton Crests

A limited supply of Camp Everton crests similar to the one below are available at Camp Everton:

The design on the crest changes regularly but the shape stays the same. If you collect 3 of this type of crest they can be sewn on a campfire blanket to form a circle.

Nearby Hospitals

Here are directions to hospitals near Camp Everton.

Annual Water Report

This is the water report for the Ranger's House for April 2019 - March 2020.
This is the water report for Wheeler Lodge for April 2019 - March 2020.



Camp Mohawk

Camp Mohawk
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map with pictures of Camp Mohawk


Camp Mohawk is situated beside the Grand River in Kitchener. It consist of approximately 35 acres on the Grand River near the corner of Bridge St. and Lancaster St. It is available to groups to use on a daily basis. It's facilities include:

  • a large playing field
  • a large covered shelter with tables for cooking and meals
  • campfire circle
  • VERY limited kybo facilities
  • hiking trails - the Walter Bean Community Trail passes through the camp
  • Note: no drinking water - bring your own water.

Here is a Google satellite view of Camp Mohawk.

Camp Mohawk Keys

Take note that as of May 8th, 2008 the lock at Camp Mohawk has been replaced. Members may borrow a key for Mohawk from Scout House by making the required key deposit.

In order to maintain the camp we have a key fund raiser. Any registered leader or registered group my purchase keys for $30.00 each. The funds raised are used for grass cutting and maintenance of the shelter and kybo. If your group wants a key, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The new keys will be effective until such time as may later be decided.

NW Scout Property Association

Book Camp Mohawk

Camp Mohawk and Camp Everton are closed to all activities, including Scouting and non-Scouting bookings, until further notice.

Check the current booking calendar and then use the on-line booking request form to book Camp Mohawk.

Map of Camp Mohawk

Here is a map of Camp Mohawk.

Directions to Camp Mohawk

Here is a map & directions to Camp Mohawk.

GPS Coordinates of road to the camp: 43°28'58.45" N by 80°28'53.27" W